Monday, February 25, 2008

Coffee Soap and Lunch on Saturday with Anne Marie

This last saturday I went to lunch with several NW soapers and Anne-Marie of Brambleberry and Rebecca of Sunnybrook farms. What a fun time! OF course any chance to talk soap is a blast! I really enjoyed meeting several soapers and getting to know them , to me that was one of the high lights of the day!

Each of us were asked to bring our best and worse soaps. To my delight my coffee soap won best. I was actually surprized! There were several beautiful soaps on the table! Heck even some of the "ugly" soaps were pretty amazing!

Of course the best part of my day was finally getting to meet Anne-Marie! I have had the pleasure of ordering from her for the past 8 years and also been in a couple of swaps together. To finally meet in person was a treat! She is one amazing woman! Not only is she an inspiration business wise, but her way of being happy and willingness to help others learn and grow is wonderful!

Thank you Kate for heading up the lunch it was a blast!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Southern Rose Soap

Just removed this from the mold when picture was taken. I love this way this soap looks and looking forward to seeing how it turns out after the full cure.