Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!!!

I've been Tagged!
I've been tagged by Trish over at suds to love
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Random items:

1) I hate putting laundry away
2) I hate cleaning the bathroom
3) I love playing with little kids and even my own!
4) I love going on hikes
5) I love reading the bible
6) I love reading blogs

People I'm tagging:
1) Liz at Sugar Plum Creations
2) Sharon at Soap Obsession
3) Janelle at Dancing Mooney
4) Mindi at Ms-In-Between
5) Elizabeth at Gassner Custom Soaps
6) Nahia at Nahia Creations

Monday, July 28, 2008

Top Bowler!!!!!!!

This sweet little 2 year old is our top bowler! lol. She beat all the youth kids and adults bowling! Granted she had the helper stand with the gutter blocks, but still she pulled off a 104! She even beat her older brothers!

She is pictured here with her dad our pastor. We took the youth group bowling sunday night and 3 of the pastors kids got to come join in. The youth group kids are wonderful! They love having the little kids there and the little ones love the youth kids!

Little Abby also was the biggest ham of the night, not only did she want to lead us in song, doing some of her favorites that include hand motions, but each time she went to bowl she did a little dance and army crawled across the floor, as if she were sneaking up on the ball before she gave it a push.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh what to call them!

My mom made a special request to make her some earrings, after not playing with the beads for several months this request got the interest going again. I made these above and want to put them on etsy under my girllavender store, but to come up with a name I am at a stand still. Today my hands are creative, my mind is not! It keeps thinking I should be asleep even after 3 cups of coffee!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to the Dating Scene ~ maybe

I just recently decieded about 2 months ago that I would put myself back into the dating pool. So after placing myself on Match and Eharmony, I have managed to meet 3 different men, only to conlcude that maybe I am not ready for this dating thing after all! Boy do I have a lot to learn. 2 of the 3 very nice guys, one of which I would have no interest in learning more about, the other I would like to know more, but well me being me may have caused him to not have an interest.

I have been divorced for about 6 year now, dated some just after the divorce. Made a couple of boyfriends that each lasted no more than 6 months and then took a 2 year break, with my oldest almost 20 and having a 16 & 14 year old, soon they will be out of the house and I can have time to do more. Now to start looking again, or do I???

Then there is what my dear friend Alexis told me. I don't carry myself like a single woman! huh?!?!?! OK now I have to figure out a way to come across as a single woman. hmmmm how does one do that? LOL!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Waterfall hike with youth group

The starting point of our hike, though it fibbed a little, it is only 1/2 mile to the half way mark! Though a 1 mile long hike is nothing, even when most of it is up hill!

Below are 2 different pictures of the waterfall we hiked up to. I unfortunatly didn't get any panned out views of the waterfall, though I did get some great ones with the kids in the water!

5 teenage girls taking the chance to climb over rocks and explore the great outdoors! This area that we hiked up to is one long cascading waterfall that has old logs and big rocks along its way. The girls are treking down stream to play in some of the pools that you can only get to by climbing down stream. They has so much fun!

Kevin taking a dig in the pool under the waterfall. He was trying to give us some "poses" but we just couldn't get the camera to take the pictures fast enough! LOL!!

Melanie, Nicole and Talyn posing for a very cold and very wet picture at the waterfall!

What a Good Dog!

Meet Bubba, Our 8 year old black lab. He has been part of our family since he was a pup. As you can see from the pictures below he has a closeness to each member of the family.

Melanie taking bubba for a walk, or should I say Bubba pulling Melanie for her ride!?!?!?

Here he is sitting with Jesse on the banks of a river, just kicking back and relaxing

River Walk and Canoe watching

Melanie and Talyn waiting for the canoes to come down stream. Talyns mom Ronda is in one of the boats. The girls to the oppurtunity to enjoy the cold water while waiting

Bubba (my black lab) having fun in the river while we wait for the canoes to come down stream

My friend Ronda and my cousin Matt working their way down stream.

Sherry and Pastor Tim waving at us on the bank.

Pastor Tim and my cousin Sherry in the rapids on the Santiam River.

Church Family Camping Trip

The Tents! First picture is of the boys tent, the second pic of of the young teenage girls tent and then the big tent is for MOM and Brittany (of course).

My kids, Brittany, Melanie, Jesse(far end) and his friend hanging out at Grandmas camp trailer, you never know grandma just may feel sorry for them and feed them. Grandmas are good for that!

True Friends! Melanie and Talyn giving each other rides on the handle bars out camping

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Minky Soft!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was asked by one of my dearest friends to make a quilt for her granddaughter. I said OH YES I WILL! and took the oppurtunity to work with some fun soft material. Below are pics of the finshed quilt.

Front of baby quilt. Wonderful pink and sage green minky material off set by a large and small cottage roses material. I loved the way this quilt turned out.

Front and back shown here. The pink(back) is a swirl minly material, This stuff is amazing! It is so soft and cuddly. I may have to make me a quilt out of this stuff!

All wrapped up and ready to go! Isn't my friends granddaughter so lucky! :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Families 4th of July Celebration

Our mini firework show at my Aunt and Uncles house. I love the way this picture turned out, it really looks like a big firework, but it is just one of the small legal oregon fireworks. We enjoyed ourselves, several families got together to just sit back and enjoy the day.

Melanie and Kyla playing with sparklers.

Melanie (my youngest) helping her cousin light a sparkler. Kyla was having so much fun.