Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Cookie Monster Came for Christmas!

Here he is the cookie monster himself! My nephew Justin had so much fun this year. Here he is eating the cookie he snagged out of my hands. He was playing with one of his Christmas presents, so I had to check it out, he seen I had a cookie in my hand, grabbed it and chomped right in. He then told me, I seen the cookies, I took the Cookie and I ate the Cookie! lol Little stinker
Here is Justin and Melanie starting to build a snow man. It has been 20 years since our area has seen a white christmas! I know this because it way my oldest 1st christmas when it was last white!

Took them a while to build it, but it stands 10 snowballs high! Melanie had to get a ladder to put the final snowballs on the snowman! Hopefully it is still standing in daylight so I can get a better picture!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The buck is back!

Some time ago I had posted about the momma deer with her twins check it out here. As the twins got older the Buck went out on his own. We haven't seen him in a while. Today he was on the other side of the road looking at the apple trees he use to eat off of. I went outside to get the picture, he watched me the whole way. I said hello to him, his response was he lifted his tail and waved it. To cute!
The picture isn't that great, I had to zoom in on him and for some reason my flash went off outside. None the less here is his, no longer a baby.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My one and Only Show this year.

Each year I usually do 4 to 5 christmas shows, due to my lack of planning , shift in positions at work and what ever else life has thrown at me this year, I was only able to do one show. WHAT A GREAT SHOW IT WAS TO!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't wanting to tell other vendors who had seen decreases in sales that I had actually had an increase in sales. Though the way my first day was I wasn't thinking I was gonna see an sales!

My usual way of setting my booth did not pan out the first day. I usually have it set up where the shopper can walk in and look, smell, touch etc. I noticed on friday that people were walking up to the end of the booth, sniff and walk away. I was like "NO! Wait! There is more to sniff!!" So saturday morning I changed my game plan. Great thing with a corner booth you can do this! With the help of a couple other vendors I moved my booth! Turned the table to it was almost in the isle way and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sales took off from there! Of course I ended up boxing myself in, but I was behind all the product able to talk about the goods! Sundays which are usually slow was my best sunday ever!

Lip balms and body sprays on display
My soap table. I accented my table with elephants this year. Next year I need to make some stuffy elephants to sell! Everyone wanted to by my elephants

The isle side of the booth. Candles and lotions were a hot item for me this year, years past they weren't

The lotions. You can see the sampler has gotten some use! That was just after the first day. I ended up getting special orders for lotions to this year.
Along with the bath and body products I also had aprons, purses and scarfs for sell. Usually it is hard to move the scarfs, but not this year. I sold more of my spendy ones than ever before.

I was so pleased with this show! Next year I have to make sure I have more of my creatively" named soaps. These each year have been a huge hit and customers are starting to come back for them!

The Hair that got all the Attention

This is the hair that got all the attention at the mall last month. These pictures she took of herself, she has to get the right myspace photos! lol.