Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Soaps In Molds

Ok so I said the next day I would post the pics, some reason that didn't happen, could be kids, could the change in my work schedule, who knows I am sure I could come up with a million excuses. Point is HERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This picture doesn't do the soap justice! I will have to take some pics of the soap out of the mold soon. I colored the soap above with a Tropical Sunset Pink and Neon Purple. The purple actually faded and the pink stands out. Scented this one with my new blend Girl Lavender, A scent I made up a year ago, my first batch sold like hot cakes last year! I Sold out at my one big show I do, I was amazed! I really didn't think that it would have been that popular. It is a combo of Black Raspberry and Vanilla with Lavender. It's a fun scent.

This one is also a popular fragrance Black Raspberry and Vanilla. I find Suz at Oregon Trails to be the best in this scent. I have tried others, but she has just the right blend in her fo. One of my Best Friends wears the lotion I make in the scent, she will get stopped and told she smells wonderful. I think this scent smells better than the Bath and Body Works scent in the same name.
Oh yeah I rebatched the lipstick, the color to me still isn't strong enough when put on, but now it glides on nicely, not feeling like it will tear your lips off! I added Babassu and Hemp oils to the lipstick. Feels great on, I guess this would be more of a colored lip balm that is unflavored.
If anyone is interested in trying a lip balm/lipstick let me know I have a few I can send out!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ever put lipstick on your soap??!?!?!?! LOL

What a headline! LOL!! What a Saturday, I got to be creative, didn't realize that I hadn't made soap since July!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness what have I been doing? I know I have been playing with mineral make up but NO SOAP!?!?!?!??! Got 3 batches made of soap, 2 for replenishment of ones I am getting low on and one is for a December swap, I will post pics of the soaps tomorrow, except for the swap one, that will be a surprise for those that are participating. As long as it turns out! :)

My first attempt at lipstick, now lets just say I may be reformulating the recipe to get the "slip" I like, but over all I do love the color, now out of 15 containers only 2 look this good, the others, well lets just say they aren't that pretty. OK so 3 batches of soaps, lip stick and now on to the final creation several candles!

Here they are all 13 of them! I did Brambleberry's Fresh baked bread for 2 (had a sample that I just had to try) and also made 4 candles of Lychee Red Tea, which I have to say I love! The other 7 were Scents from Daystar, 3 were Black Raspberry & Vanilla scent, the other 4 were scented Buttercream Frosting. I opted not to color any of these, just let them be the natural color of the wax. I love the smells that are in the kitchen right now! It smell like I baked homemade bread and cake while sipping on tea and eating berries and cream! lol.
Next post will have the 2 batches of soaps. I promise! I have to share, I just do! I used some new colors(well to me anyway) and I have got to share! One batch is made with the neon colors, same colors that are on my daughters eyes in a previous post!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Carole Crew Team!

Here is the Carole Crew Team! On left is my cousin Candy, next to her with the white cap on is my uncle Bud (who is 83 years young!) In front of him in the orange vest is my daughter Melanie, then Me, Brittany and last my Aunt Audrey. We did this to Honor my Aunt Carole who has Breast Cancer, she was diagnosed with it a little over a year ago.

We wished we had a larger team, but we had so much fun! My 83 year old Uncle could have out walked us all! He was high fiving people as we walked past them, encouraging others along the way. His upbeat personality is an inspiration to us all!

We plan on doing the walk again next year, of course we will be recruiting others to join us!

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart recently did a segment about blogging . Of course, it makes perfect sense that Martha is also a fellow blogger! What better way to share the ups and downs of everyday life?She has offered a chance to get "blogged about" on her blog, by posting a comment and linking on your blog. What a fun way to get notice on her blog!

Join in on the fun!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Youth Group Adventures

Our first youth group session after school is in full swing, we had a small, but nice size group of teens attend. Here they are feeding each other pudding. I will would show the lovely photos of their faces, but I will spare them the embarrassment :)

My oldest Brittany in the red t-shirt is the official game/get to know you coordinator of the youth group. Here they are doing a fun game of egg/chicken/raptor with rock paper scissors. Laughs were had by all!

Now on to the serious side. We do like to have fun, but we want the kids to have time to reflect and grow spiritually. So we took them up in the hills above Colton to a small hike and meditation session. Nothing like quiet, beautiful views and nature to get close to God.

To bad there has been some fires around Oregon, the smoke is filtering through the valley making it hard to get the view you can normally have on a clear day. Thank goodness the fires are no where near us. Colton is part of the foothills to the Cascade Mountain Range, usually from where we are at we can see the Coastal Mountain Range.
The youth had a good session, one even shared how a bee came up and sat on a flower next to them while they were praying.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mineral Make up ~ Neon Glow!

I decieded about a week ago to start looking into making my own make up, low and behold I had all the ingredients! Imagin that! lol. I knew I had most of the ingredients from making soaps, lotions and what ever else I make. So I started playing around. Well my youngest Pictured in the next 2 pics took an interest in my neon colors, I think the pictures will speak for them selves!
Hot Tropical pink accented with black eyeliner

Purple Neon extreme, this one actually looks good on her eyes.

Here is one of Melanies buddies, she is wearing Hot Tropical Pink with Screaming Blue Cornflower.
So far the only feedback from parents is laughter at their daughters. Melanie is already getting request for makeup if she starts to sell them. More like if I start to sell them and use her as my representative and model.

I can't believe she is 20!!!!!!!!!!!!

My oldest just had her 20th birthday on the 8th of this month! WoW! We took her out to eat at the resturant of her choice, She chose an New York style Deli, the food is pretty good! The new york cheesecake was to die for! Oh my goodness, it was a huge slice topped with tons of fresh strawberries. When I go there again I think I will just have desert! lol

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stonehenge on Washington State ~ war memorial

On our way home from Boardman in August the girls and I took a detour over the Columbia River to view this neat memorial, for Talyn and myself this was the first time seeing it, for my youngest daughter it was her 2nd or 3rd time, needless to say it was a neat experience.

A full size replica of the original stonehenge can be found in Washington State! It is a war memorial built in the early 1900's by a gentleman named Sam Hill. The find out more about the monument click here to be directed to the site.

A beautiful view of the Columbia River

The center of the memorial.

Melanie (my daughter, the blond one) and her friend Talyn looking at the memorial plaque.

The dedication plaque on this American Stonehenge reads:
"In memory of the soldiers of Klickitat County who gave their lives in defense of their country. This monument is erected in the hope that others inspired by the example of their valor and their heroism may share in that love of liberty and burn with that fire of patriotism which death can alone quench."