Monday, September 15, 2008

Mineral Make up ~ Neon Glow!

I decieded about a week ago to start looking into making my own make up, low and behold I had all the ingredients! Imagin that! lol. I knew I had most of the ingredients from making soaps, lotions and what ever else I make. So I started playing around. Well my youngest Pictured in the next 2 pics took an interest in my neon colors, I think the pictures will speak for them selves!
Hot Tropical pink accented with black eyeliner

Purple Neon extreme, this one actually looks good on her eyes.

Here is one of Melanies buddies, she is wearing Hot Tropical Pink with Screaming Blue Cornflower.
So far the only feedback from parents is laughter at their daughters. Melanie is already getting request for makeup if she starts to sell them. More like if I start to sell them and use her as my representative and model.

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