Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Youth Group Adventures

Our first youth group session after school is in full swing, we had a small, but nice size group of teens attend. Here they are feeding each other pudding. I will would show the lovely photos of their faces, but I will spare them the embarrassment :)

My oldest Brittany in the red t-shirt is the official game/get to know you coordinator of the youth group. Here they are doing a fun game of egg/chicken/raptor with rock paper scissors. Laughs were had by all!

Now on to the serious side. We do like to have fun, but we want the kids to have time to reflect and grow spiritually. So we took them up in the hills above Colton to a small hike and meditation session. Nothing like quiet, beautiful views and nature to get close to God.

To bad there has been some fires around Oregon, the smoke is filtering through the valley making it hard to get the view you can normally have on a clear day. Thank goodness the fires are no where near us. Colton is part of the foothills to the Cascade Mountain Range, usually from where we are at we can see the Coastal Mountain Range.
The youth had a good session, one even shared how a bee came up and sat on a flower next to them while they were praying.

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