Sunday, October 26, 2008


Here we are all free of the lovely beaver dam! The kids and I got out there more today (Sunday) and got the rest of it out. Only to find out that up stream more they have built 2 more dams, thank goodness though those dams will not affect the back yard near the house like the one we just removed would.

A Busy Beaver had fun in my backyard

This little beaver dam is causing quite a little problem! It has raised the creek in our back yard about 2 feet! Since it is such a nice weekend, we decided that it was time to remove the dam before the real NW weather hits.
Here is Melanie getting a small break in the dam, this let out so much water, within half an hour the creek was down a foot!

Here is my lab watching the water flow down stream, he is sad, the beavers created a swimming hole just for him! lol. Though when we got started tearing out the dam he was removing sticks to, it was so cute, I missed the picture of that.

Here is Melanie standing on the dam, she got right in there and worked the hardest out of everyone.

Here is Jesse and Melanie working. My oldest picked up sticks and cheered them on! lol.

One of Melanie's good friends even joined in on the fun, though she didn't want to get to close to the dam, she was afraid the beaver may jump out and bit her! lol.
We still have more clean up to do to get all the sticks and yuck out of the creek. I am sure the beaver will be back to rebuild and we will have to clean it up again. It has been years since we have a beaver do this, one year the creek flooded so much that it reached the corner of the house, we want to prevent that from happening again!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bath Salts and Lipstick kind of day!

I just realized that I hadn't posted in almost 2 weeks! WOW! Where did the time go! I did change over postitions at work transfering me to a different store, which is closer to home! YEAH! The postition change also puts me monday thru friday 5 am to 1:30pm shifts, I am home now in the evenings and weekends instead of having my work week bouncing all over the place.

With this weekend being at home i am creating again! I have been itching to make some bath salts, I hadn't made them in to long, so I dug out all my ingredients and made the below lovelys!

Pink is Pink Sugar kisses, Green (middle) is Cucumber Melon and last in Blue is
Hey! Hey! Cute Cabana Boy

Now on to lip stick, I reformualted, and still wasn't happy, well I was, but not completely. So I took half the batch and remelted it adding again more Mica and Olive oil. I am happy to say I now have LIPSTICK!!!!!!!!!!! The color shows on the lips. I have approx 13 colored lip balms and about 12 lipsticks. Both feel good on, just one will leave color.