Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Cookie Monster Came for Christmas!

Here he is the cookie monster himself! My nephew Justin had so much fun this year. Here he is eating the cookie he snagged out of my hands. He was playing with one of his Christmas presents, so I had to check it out, he seen I had a cookie in my hand, grabbed it and chomped right in. He then told me, I seen the cookies, I took the Cookie and I ate the Cookie! lol Little stinker
Here is Justin and Melanie starting to build a snow man. It has been 20 years since our area has seen a white christmas! I know this because it way my oldest 1st christmas when it was last white!

Took them a while to build it, but it stands 10 snowballs high! Melanie had to get a ladder to put the final snowballs on the snowman! Hopefully it is still standing in daylight so I can get a better picture!

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