Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to the Dating Scene ~ maybe

I just recently decieded about 2 months ago that I would put myself back into the dating pool. So after placing myself on Match and Eharmony, I have managed to meet 3 different men, only to conlcude that maybe I am not ready for this dating thing after all! Boy do I have a lot to learn. 2 of the 3 very nice guys, one of which I would have no interest in learning more about, the other I would like to know more, but well me being me may have caused him to not have an interest.

I have been divorced for about 6 year now, dated some just after the divorce. Made a couple of boyfriends that each lasted no more than 6 months and then took a 2 year break, with my oldest almost 20 and having a 16 & 14 year old, soon they will be out of the house and I can have time to do more. Now to start looking again, or do I???

Then there is what my dear friend Alexis told me. I don't carry myself like a single woman! huh?!?!?! OK now I have to figure out a way to come across as a single woman. hmmmm how does one do that? LOL!


Suds to Love said...

All I can say is good luck... I don't have any advice for you. I was really lucky, I got set up with my husband by our friends and it worked well:-)

Soapy Elephant said...

Thanks Trish!

egassner said...

Lol...I have NO idea what 'carring yourself like a single woman' would look like. :D And if one of your matches was put off by you being you, then it wouldn't have worked out anyway. My hubby and I have had heard times and I have no idea what/how I would go about dating again! Let alone raising my kids, working, and still being sane. I give you kudos for that!!

egassner said...

heard = hard. I can type sometimes Lol!

Anonymous said...

Make a list of positive attributes the person must have and also a list of non postive attributes, ie what you don't want.
Stick to your list!!! Give some of your friends the list so they can be on the lookout, that's if you really want someone.
If someone comes along and if they are meant to be your partner, they will, then use your list and stick to it.

It's the only way, stick to your guns. The right mature ones show up in the most unsuspecting ways.
Good luck.