Sunday, July 20, 2008

Waterfall hike with youth group

The starting point of our hike, though it fibbed a little, it is only 1/2 mile to the half way mark! Though a 1 mile long hike is nothing, even when most of it is up hill!

Below are 2 different pictures of the waterfall we hiked up to. I unfortunatly didn't get any panned out views of the waterfall, though I did get some great ones with the kids in the water!

5 teenage girls taking the chance to climb over rocks and explore the great outdoors! This area that we hiked up to is one long cascading waterfall that has old logs and big rocks along its way. The girls are treking down stream to play in some of the pools that you can only get to by climbing down stream. They has so much fun!

Kevin taking a dig in the pool under the waterfall. He was trying to give us some "poses" but we just couldn't get the camera to take the pictures fast enough! LOL!!

Melanie, Nicole and Talyn posing for a very cold and very wet picture at the waterfall!

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