Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chicken Pox!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!

My 3 teenage children have gotten Chicken Pox! Yes Chicken Pox! My younger 2 had the vaccination so their duration was small and really not to bad, My oldest though, poor thing, had them younger, but a very mild case. Well she is miserable! She has a really bad case of chicken pox.

Seems like there for a few years we didn't hear of it going around, now several people (kids) in our community have it, well hopefully none will get it again!


Suds to Love said...

Plenty of oatmeal baths, I had them the summer between junior and senior year in high school, it stinks to get them when you're older. Hopefully, everyone is on the mend soon.

egassner said...

Oh no! I had a very mild case when I was younger too....hope it dosen't make it's way down here! Hope they feel better sooN!

Soapy Elephant said...

I really hope you do not get anything like this! My oldest is miserable! my pasters baby got it to.