Thursday, May 1, 2008

Church Auction, my donation

Each year our church does a "Penny Crusade" to raise money for missions. We are a very small church with attendance being between 25 to 60 on any given Sunday. We though are very generous when it comes to missions! This year I donated a "Gardner's tote" inspired by one I had seen on etsy from a fellow soaper (twinbirchbathandbody) . I loved the idea and thought it would be a great auction item, and it was. Along with the Gardner's tote I did 2 bags of 10 soaps each, this is a common donation of mine, usually has lots of bids. Which is great with all moneys going to missions.


Suds to Love said...

How cute! Keep us posted on the bidding wars that it brings for the mission trip.

Soapy Elephant said...

This one brought in over $30.00, not what I would sell it for, but heck still pretty good for the amount of people we had at the auction. I am going another basket just like this one for a Rely for Life auction. A friend of mine lost a nephew to cancer and now the boys mom has cancer. I told my friend I would give an item to help support the cause.

Suds to Love said...

That's wonderful... any little bit will help. It gives you a nice warm feeling to donate items to help out, doesn't it!