Monday, August 4, 2008

First night of VBS

This years theme at Vacation Bible School is Cowboys for God. First story that was done was on the coat of many colors, one of the other stories this week will be about David and Goliath. We had around 25 kids the first night (not uncommon) in years past we started out small and by the end of the week have around 40+ kids. Now this isn't including the adults and youth helpers, this is just little kids. We are a small church in a small community and to see numbers like this is always wonderful!!!!!!!!

Sheriff Josh on patrol during dinner with the kids. The kids loved running up and making the air go out of his costume, of course they were amazed at how it would reinflate right after they did that!!!!

Cowboy Tim giving a lesson to the kids at Vacation Bible School

Kids playing toss their shoe at the boot game. Boy did they think this was funny! Each child had a great time!

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Suds to Love said...

Sounds like the first night was successful!