Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cantaloupe Sorbet

Each Tuesday at a Farmers Market just across the street from where I live, yes I just said across the street, how could that not be exciting right ?!?! There is a vendor that brings the most amazing watermelon and cantaloupe to sell ( along with some other amazing fruits and veggies). This last Tuesday I got 2 cantaloupe from him. Got home and got to thinking, besides just eating these yummy delicious fruit, what else could I do with them? I have been craving ice cream lately, but it's been so hot the past few weeks that dairy cream just didn't sound good. So off to research Sorbets!

Now let me tell you, I was excited as all get out when I found out that it's really really simple to make! Yippee for me!!!
Now the tricky part, most actually all the recipes called for lemon juice in the recipes, citrus like the tomatoe family are not good for me! So my experiment begins! 

I cut my fruit up
Put these sweet yummy chunks of sweetness into the fridge. While my cantaloupe was chillin I created a simple syrup.  Boiled together sugar and water. Once the syrup came to a boil I turned it off and let it cool. 

Once cooled I pulled out me food processor, the cantaloupe chunks and the simply syrup. 

I have a smaller food processor, so this is done in small batches, you can do how it works for you. If you don't have a food processor, a blender works great too. 

I placed 2 cups of chunked cantaloupe into the food processor, poured about 1/4 cup of simple syrup over the cantaloupe. I put the lid on the processor ( important step here!) then blended away!! Once blended I took the top odd and added a splash of vodka, just a splash. Now my vodka is pinnacle whipped so it has a vanilla taster to it, you can go plain or not use the vodka and go with the lemon juice instead. 

This is how it looks once blended, yes I took a spoon full out to sample. 😊 very much pleased with the results!

I poured this onto a container and proceeded to do the steps over again until I used up the cantaloupe. 

Once my container was full, or I had used up the cantaloupe I had set aside for the sorbet, I put the lid on and placed in the freezer.   Now with the vodka in this recipe it won't freeze completely, but it does freeze! When your ready, or the sorbet is ready just pull out of the freezer and scoop yourself up a bowl. 

I also did the same recipe with watermelon. When I did the simple syrup I added  mint leaves to the mixture before it started to boil, once the simple syrup cooled I removed the mint leaves. 

Here is a photo of what my watermelon sorbet looks like 

Now for the recipe 

7-8 cups cut up cantaloupe or any melon

For the simple syrup it's
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
4 mint leaves (optional)

Vodka to splash into the mixture. 
Now when you are done. You don't really taste the alcohol, there isn't much in the mix maybe 4 tablespoons at the most 

Purée all together, put in the freezer to set up, once ready enjoy!!!!

Hope you enjoy this yummy recipe, I know I have already!

Thank you,

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