Friday, July 24, 2015

Wash cloths ever wonder where they disappear to?

 My children are grown, youngest is 21 now, when they were younger it seemed like we had tons of wash cloths! Of course they always seem to be in the wash! That never ending story of laundry! Just when you think it's done there's another load or 2 that magically appears. 

Ok back to wash cloths! 

I want to say in the past 7 to 8 months my wash cloths have been disappearing! Most of them I know how, they have fallen victim to a black four legged friend whom we rescued last November. 
She is a bundle of joy and frustration, and I say that in the most loving way! I would not give her up if my life depended on it. 

Ok this post is really about dogs not wash cloths, or is it both!? 😋

Now this cute guy, even though he looks guilty, isn't the guilty one. The guilty one seen the camera and split! This guy stepped in and posed for the camera, he was never asked, he just took it upon himself to do this.  By the way that's Chief, one of the most loving loyal dogs I've ever known!!! 

Now back to my rescue pup, she is now a year old, we got her at 5 months of age. Poor little thing had been to 3 different homes before we got her, at 5 months that's a lot of homes! The person we got her from was good to her, but little miss Katie was just to much and she is a hand full! An adorable handful! 
There she is all cuddled up taking a nap, now mind you that's about the only time she is resting! 
She is a little got to move gal. 

That would be the reason I have a dwindling supply of wash cloths. She loves to find them in the laundry pile, run off somewhere to tuck them under her to chew on. Oh you should see the ones I've rescued, yes I still use them, they now have love every holes in them, or an extra finger hole to hang on to. Lol

Now keep in mind, these are the cheapest thing in our house she has chewed on, besides the paper towel cardboard roll, I've lost expensive work shoes, the cord to my vacuum cleaner, the list goes on, to this cute little gal. Yes she gets disciplined, she will immediately stop when you call her name or even look at her, but as a pup she still has the chew urges, we get toys for her to chew on and our oldest dog lucky feels the need to not let a toy hang around the house unless it's a tennis ball. 

Pretty miss lucky, she's 4 and a half years old, she has never met a toy she couldn't destroy. 
Gentle other wise, In fact if you were to come visit, at some point and time she will sit next to you, start smiling while staring at you and before you know it, a big ol wet kiss right across the face.  
The smiling one is lucky, her partner in adventure is chief. This photo was from a campout we did last summer. These 2 loved the water, spent most of their time in the creek. Of course so did the rest of us.

My story of disappearing wash cloths, yes they disappear, yes I know who is making that happen! Did this give me an opportunity to introduce you to my fur babies, YES! 

Sometime soon there will be a grand baby to share about, until then you'll hear stories about my trio.

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